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Encaustic is very durable.  Encaustic paintings made in ancient Egypt survived for thousands of years.  Bees wax provides a barrier to moisture; it will not deteriorate, yellow, or darken over time.  Encaustic paintings do not need to be varnished or protected by glass.  If the painting looks dull or gets dusty, it can be wiped clean with a lint-free cloth.


When transporting your encaustic painting, take care to avoid bumping the sides.  If shipping or storing, place a sheet of glassine paper over the surface and then wrap the painting with bubble wrap with the bubbles facing outward.  Framing your piece is optional but if you prefer a frame, a floating frame is best for encaustic works. Glass is never required or advised as the encaustic needs to breath.


Keep your painting at normal room temperatures.  Avoid freezing and extremely hot temperatures.  Wax paint will begin to soften at 152 Fahrenheit. 

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