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I’m a photo encaustic artist who’s style is best described as modern/traditional.  I have a passion for bringing together the ancient process of encaustic with photography as a way to bridge the past and present.  Inspirations come from many sources in my life, I’m especially drawn to nature and our oceans having lived on the East Coast all my life.  Also, I often use maps in my pieces which has come out of a need to connect the place with the image and my love for travel.  


My process always begins with a on-location photo shoot to capture my story.  Upon returning home, I go through the process of selecting images and sometimes digitally manipulating them to add character.  I then have them printed on archival cotton rag paper and glue them to a wood panel.  At that point, I start the process of adding and fusing encaustic medium which is a combination of bees wax and damar resin.  Typically, I fuse about four layers as I don’t want to lose sight of the image; it’s a delicate balance.  The final step in my process is to decide if I will incorporate other mixed media such as pan pastel, ink, pigmented encaustic wax, transfers, and texture.  The options are limitless which is what I enjoy most about the medium.


My ultimate objective of my work is to bring awareness to how we are all interconnected to the environment and the need to preserve it for future generations.

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